What the HECK is going to happen next?

While we wait for the feeds to return, I thought i’d summarize Big Brother 12′s final week. Usually during the last week of Big Brother we have lots of uncertainty and speculation. The Big Brother Gods love to change things up every year and for one, I am glad. I’d hate for Big Brother to be “EXPECTED”. The beauty and fun of this reality show is the “UNEXPECTED” and I LOVE IT. Though I can’t say I am not on the edge of my seat waiting for news of the upcoming events. I just came upon an article by Julie Chen on EW.com and thought I’d share the best part. She mentions what we can expect to see during the next week:

“Just a reminder to everyone that our schedule is a little different next week (article was written on 9/3/10) – eviction show on Wednesday night (9/8/10) (Final 3 will be revealed) and as always a LIVE show on Thursday, but no eviction. And for all you crazy “Zingbot” fans out there…I was just told EW will have an interview with the infamous “Zingbot” during finale week. Stay tuned for that…till next week.”

“How will the final week play out” you ask? Simply put, it’s a best of 2 out of 3 situation, with the winner of part 1 sitting out of part 2, and coming back to battle the winner of part 2 in part 3. Traditionally, the winner of part 3 gets to select who will join him or her in the final 2, and the HG not selected is out. This is how I predict Big Brother will feature the final 4 shows:

Wednesday 9/3/10:
Veto Competition & Meeting – Hayden decides whether or not he will use the PoV on Lane or Britney.
Eviction Ceremony – Either Lane or Britney or possibly Enzo (depending on if Hayden uses the PoV) will be evicted.
1st Part of FINAL 3 HoH competition starts – Usually an Endurance competition that lasts HOURS.

Thursday 9/4/10 – LIVE:
The competition highlights and winner of the 1st Part of 3 HoH Competition is revealed.
2nd Part of 3 HoH Competition is shown – Usually a combination of physical and mental Competition – and the winner is revealed.

Sunday 9/12/10:
Devoted to the FINAL 3 reminiscing about the evicted house guests, competitions, fights & good times in the house.

Thursday 9/15/10 – 2 Hour LIVE Finale:
3rd Part of 3 HoH Competition takes place LIVE and is typically questions along the lines of which Jury Member said what. The winner of part 3 will then select which house guest will go on to FINAL 2 and the losing house guest leaves the house.
The Questions – The 7 Evicted House Guests (Jury members) get to ask the FINAL 2 a question before making their final decision of who should win Big Brother 12
The Keys – The 7 Jury Members final duty is to place a Key, with the name of the FINAL 2 house guest they want to win big brother, in the slot.
The Count – Julie removes each key from the slot and reads off the name. The winner of big brother must have 4 out of 7 votes.

The Winner of Big Brother 12 is crowned and given a check for $500,000.00. The Second place winner gets $50,000.00.

If tradition serves, we should also have an “America’s Favorite Player” and they will win $25,000.00.

I can’t wait and see… can you?