Pictures of the Big Brother 13 House

We finally get a sneak peak of the new Big Brother 13 House. It’s looking very Beachy again. Overall, I’m liking it! Very different from last season. So much so, I thought you’d like to see the new and before pics of each room. What do you think?

View from the Entrance

The new house overall is looking pretty good. but what’s up with those bikes? I doubt they will be staying long. I am loving the benches around the table but aren’t loving the cut-up surf boards on the wall above the back yard door.

The Kitchen

What an improvement in the kitchen. Last season they completely missed out with that bright blue and yellow theme. This season the kitchen looks sleek and fine. I love the lack of upper cabinets – very modern and cool. And they finally added a hood over the oven. I just hope it works ;-)

The Table

The new table isn’t much different than last seasons – except for the benches instead of chairs. I love the Red & Black dishware - again, very sleek looking.

The Lounge

I think the lounge is the biggest improvement. Last year  they completely failed with the weird looking canopies over the windows and the ugly color choices. This season i’d call the room SEXY! From the Black & White checkerboard floor, purple velvet sofa & pillows and the artwork on the walls – it has the charm of a big city bar/lounge atmosphere.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is another story – it reminds me of one of those futuristic rooms – lots of cold colors and finishes. Who in the world designed this horrible room. No Class, No Character, Nothing but strange.

The First Bedroom

What is that? I know its three beds but really people. Though a huge improvement from last season disaster, it still lacks something. I know big brother is trying to be innovative with the house but what in the world is that? I love metal and wood but not in that combination. OH BOY!

The Second Bedroom

I’d call this bedroom plain FUN. It’s a kids room, it’s a play room, it’s really colorful and a blast. When I have a kid, I’m definitely going to copy this room. BB got this one right.

The HOH Room

What can I possibly say about this room that you haven’t already thought. My first impression was “Lets have an ORGY” ;-) Lets see what our HOH’s will do in this room. This will be interesting.

The HOH Bathroom

Boring before and Boring after. But I guess it’s just a HOH bathroom. Lets see if the camera’s pickup any fun times in the tub.

Thanks to Yahoo! TV for the pics ;-)

UPDATE: just posted more pics of the big brother house… what do you think of the crazy backyard?

Thanks to for these pics ;-)