Did the East Coast Earthquake cause the Big Brother House to flip?

First I must get this out… OMG! WOW! HOLY S**T! WTF? ok… i’m better now. ;-)

This morning I got up at my usual 6:30am and started getting ready for my usual morning routine of shower, teeth, dress & drive to work. In between shower & teeth I usually take a quick peek at my blackberry Twitter account to get my morning BB fix of updates. Low and behold I see this tweet:

[blackbirdpie id="106676360939962368"]

Thanks @hamsterwatch for the update ;-)

So I tweeted back:

[blackbirdpie id="106677323494989824"]

and his reply was:

[blackbirdpie id="106678060203507712"]

I was in shock. Rachel & Daniele? WHAT? How is that possible. The two biggest enemy’s in the BB house are getting together? So, unfortunately I’m now at work and can’t check out the FLASHBACK but from what I gathered from other BB bloggers… Shelly told Rachel that Jeff threw the POV that Adam won, which let Brendon be put up and EVICTED. So now Rachel is Furious with Jeff for throwing the VETO and decided to go to Daniele. Dani worked her magic on Rachel and I think they either formed an alliance (along with shelly & porsche) or maybe Rachel just told Dani that she will vote to evict Kalia. Either way, we may actually keep Dani for another week. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I gotta get back to work. I’ll try to keep you all posted during the day on my twitter account @bigbrothergame. Don’t forget, tonight is DOUBLE EVICTION NIGHT. If you don’t have the LIVE FEEDS you should get them before tonight.

The Big Brother houseguests might actually EXPLODE! ;-)


  1. cyndi says

    Dani has to stay and in the double eviction she evicts jeff! Oh poor sweet Jorden, lol. Doesnt anyone wonder how jorden one BB?

  2. Kris says

    Plz keep me updated! No cable n stupid football is on my big brother channel can’t wait to c wut u put up.