The NEXT super Big Brother TWIST will bring an EVICTED houseguest back!

OMG! what a great TWIST! This is how it will work:

America’s Vote

Which HouseGuest do you want to see return to the Big Brother house? Vote for one of the four evicted HouseGuests below! The winner of America’s Vote will battle the next evicted HouseGuest for a chance to get back into the game! Tune in to Big Brother on Thursday, August 11th, at 9/8c to find out how America voted and see the battle play out live!

You may vote up to 10 times during this voting period.

Who would you want back? The VOTING on is now closed.

  • Michele

    I hope b comes back

  • Rebecca

    Big Brother will lose this viewer if all we have left in the house is the newbies, and Daniele

  • Toni

    Pleeease DO NOT bring back Brendon! He is such an arrogant @$$ and all that crying between him & Rachael makes me want to barf!

  • Sharron

    I hope Dominic comes back! But any of the choices is better than Brendon!!! OMG he is a horrible joke gone bad!!!

  • Ashli

    I desperately need and want brendon to come back he deserves it and I love brenchel they are so good together nobody else deserves to either does pt vote brendon please !!!!!! If pt goes back that would not be a good game Jeff has 10000 Jordan won Danielle had 2nd 50000 I think brenchel deserves to win they have dominated this house till now don’t bring back a floater and all of u guys that hate on them shut up!!!

  • pat

    OMG!!!! if Mars had life…. I would send Brendon there.. All his whining and boo-hooing makes me want to vomit….I never seen a man cry as much as he does…Rachel isn’t any better… she needs to man up!

  • pat

    please help me. I thought I was watching the rachel and brendon show in stead of big brother before he left..all the camera were always on him and cry baby rachel.. please please dont bring brendon back..

  • steph

    Rachel is a cry baby…. Brendon can do so much better… i hope Dominic comes back he didn’t have a chance at the game… Plus i think Dani and Dominic were so cute together. They so like each other