The Final 3 face the Final Endurance Competition of BB13

The Final 3 must endure “The Big Brother Mixer”… Looks really gross ;-) How will Adam, Porsche & Rachel do? Who will hold on? Who will jump off? Who’s making a deal?

Adam is out first!
Porsche is next down and…
Rachel is the winner of Part 1 competition. OH YEAH!

So what’s next?
Adam & Porsche will play in the Part 2 competition.
And then the winner of Part 2 will play the winner of Part 1 in the final Part 3 competition.
The winner of the Part 3 will pick who he/she wants to be next to in the FINAL 2.
I know it’s a little confusing but that’s how Big Brother picks it :-) See u all at the Finale on Wednesday 9:30pm!

Who do you think will be FINAL 2?


  1. Shelley says

    Go Rachel!!!! I know she is not well liked but she deserves to win this year. I have never cared for her myself but I am team Rachel now

  2. Pat says

    2 amazing events happening now bb13 final 3 and President Obama entering house chambers for speech.What a wonderful

  3. Melissa says

    i am so glad porsha was dumb enough to keep rachel and now she one first round of hoh. GO RACHEL! Rachel and Adam final 2!

  4. J Livingston says

    Rachel needs 2 be gone! Her whining & crying r exhausting! Can’t believe Porche didn’t keep Jordan. I think her chances would have been better since Jordan has already won! The last people I want 2 see w/ $500K is Rachel & Brendan! At this point, Adam has probably played the best game….2 bad it’s up 2 the crazies in the jury house!

  5. carol says

    Sorry to see jordan left I was pissed come on but any way Rachel and. Adam need to be last to porch needs to leave what a bit h

  6. Melissa says

    jp,why no shows until next wednesday? will we be able to get live feed and bbad, so we can tell what going on or at least will you know whats going on?

  7. samuel ward says

    This has been a season of serious HGs betrayal, when Shelly stabbed J/J in the back after Jordan gave her the phone call I lost all respect for her, and then to say it was game play. Shelly apparently doesn’t know how to play the BB game. I truly believe Dani screwed this season up, the sad thing is you know she is like that in the real world too. She’s probably the prettiest girl in the trailer park. You don’t have to lie & steal to win this game, Jordan is proof of that, I bet Evil Dick would have evicted his trashy ass trailer park daughter early had he stayed, he may ve evil but he did play with integrity. Dani should look that word up in dictionary. Then we have the morons that she led they couldn’t do anything without saying “It’s what Dani wanted” think for yourselves people. Good luck to Rachel, she deserves to win, and she is 100000 times the player Dani is/was.

  8. Margie says


  9. monserrate rodriguez says

    Rachel should win, she seems to want it more then any one, it seem Dani wanted to prove that she was better then her father, Brendon was there for the same reason. Rachel was there for wedding Dom came to find love because he hooked up with Dani {remember he was a virgin} Kalia didn’t have a mind of her own she played Dani game, Shelly at the beginning said she wanted Jeff and Jordan to win and she was there to help them then she changed her mind and was all about her family, she was a big liar, Jeff became to cocky and blew it Jordan couldn’t win anything Adam I still know why you were playing only because if it wasn’t for Jeff and Jordan you have been gone and Porsche she was mean she hated Jordan she tried to get everyone in the house sick she gives witch a bad name, so I’ll call her a bitch.

  10. monserrate rodriguez says

    Rachel, was not the best, until Brendon was voted out. then she started to play hard, Porsche started to play Dani game and blew it for Kalia when she open p-box [greed] Adam well he started to play when there were only women in the house that he could beat, only Rachel will give him a run for his money. Rachel …Rachel…. Rachel all the way and to think I did not like her.

  11. Jenn says

    I always was a Rachel fan, even when everyone hated her, … including last year.. hope she wins! GO RACHEL!

  12. Tawny says

    Jordon hides behind her southern adorabl-ness and if you watch closely is not really as sweet as all think. I never thought I would vote for Rachel but she absolutely deserves to win!. She showed a wonderful side of herself this season. Dani, however, was the most genuine thinking player and I would have loved to see her win. She was smart and brave and played the best game and took risks that just got messy – she should have never trusted j/j.

  13. Wanda says

    Yeah, Yeah, Yeah RACHEL WON THE GAME!!! And guess who voted for her it was Shelly…I guess Shelly felt she owed Jeff, Jordan, Brendon and Rachel that much….Adam didn’t vote for Rachel and that wasn’t too surprising since Rachel didn’t take him with her to the finals…I guess Adam called that pay back… Congratulations Jeff for being America’s favorite and winning the $25,000…Please take care of Jordan…..Danielle you are such a SORE LOSER…and if anyone need a personality it is YOU AND PORSCHE…Now Danielle go back home and let daddy take care of you RACHEL is a thousand times over a better player than you..Even your own daddy was against how you played the game…I hate that Porsche came in second place but unfortunately she did….Once again RACHEL I am truly happy that you won the game because you fought the hardest, played the hardest, took the most insults and kept on smiling and you was one of the smartest people in the house…You have proven that nothing stands between you and your man… Brendon you are awesome too…Now make sure you and Rachel be happy…..