The WINNER of Big Brother 13 is…

It’s down to Rachel and Porsche and it’s time for the VOTE… How do the Jury members vote?

Brendon votes for: Rachel
Daniele votes for: Porsche
Shelly votes for: Rachel
Kalia votes for: Porsche
Jeff votes for: Rachel
Jordan votes for: Rachel
Adam votes for: Porsche

By a vote of 4-3, The Winner of Big Brother 13 is…


She played hard and deserves it! Congrats Rachel!

And the Winner of the $50,000.00 prize is…


Congrats to you Porsche!

And then there is AMERICA’S FAVORITE HOUSE GUEST VOTE… The winner of $25,000.000 prize is…


Not a shock there… Congrats JEFF. America LOVES you!

  • Kyle Gonzalez

    Good job rachel u deserved to win I was rooting for u last year and this year.but I had to choose between u and daniel for my favorite but I saw but I saw how she mad really good gamemoves but just not at the right time. HEY RACHEL IF YOUR READING PLZ BEG THE PRODUCETS TO PUT A SHOW FOR KIDS AND TO2 MAKE IT 2 TIMES A YEAR. CAUSE IM 13 AND MY NAME IS KYLE GONZALEZ MENTION THAT ALSO!! ILL NEVER FORGET YOU. BYE

  • Danny

    If you would have told ever before that I was not only going like Rachel, I absolutely believe no one has ever deserved to win more than her. Alot of people including myself have been very hard on Rachel, because she made it easy. She would just be her narcissistic self, and all you could do was hate her. Then something happened, you realize this strong opinion on Rachel is strong. Because she has managed to have me going from cringing each time I saw her, to thinking If she doesn’t win this it will be the greatest title rip off ever. There was no way Porsche is even allowed on the same playing field of Rachel, but to even consider her in this game against Rachel is insane. Big Brother 13 got it right this year and the right player one. I hope Rachel does the right thing and has a good life. If she is smart she will take the money and go away from public life. She can go out on top with some money made, or Rachel’s narcissistic impulses destroy her is left to be seen. I’m pulling for Rachel now, but I don’t know if she can just blend in.

  • Cyndi

    Was never a Rachel fan either but I do believe she deserved the win. To change the subject…what the hell was Porsche wearing?

  • Corey Miller

    Rachel sucks

  • mimi

    great season! the jury got it right. adam and shelley got what they deserved=squat. wish d and her dad got along better. best of luck to all the cast who provided hours of entertainment. have to say worst pool players I’ve ever seen.

  • Corey Wood

    She was much more likable in BB13 than she was in BB12, I’ll give her that.