Seth’s Review of the New Big Brother 14 House Guests!

Hey guys! It’s Seth! In case you didn’t see my last post, I’ll be blogging for Big Brother Game as a Guest Blogger for this Summer! I’ve been watching since Big Brother 5, and I’ve been hooked ever since! I’m a true Big Brother addict, and I promise you’ll enjoy what I have to say! Here is my review of the new House Guests. Let me know if you agree with what I think of them.

Big Brother 14 Ashley Iocco



This girl, is crazy! Aside form her horrendous adaption of ”Call Me Maybe”, I found her pretty hilarious to watch. Don’t get me wrong, this girl is a trainwreck. But, she’s like a Lawon type character. They’re so crazy and embarrassing, yet you love to watch them. Especially on the feeds, where things can get pretty boring. I see her as being ditzy, and I can’t wait to watch her, but she’s definitely not going to be our Big Brother 14 winner.


Big Brother 14 Danielle Murphree



Danielle instantly reminded me of a brunette version of Jordan. Except, I think I’ll like Danielle more. I think Jordan is sweet, but a terrible gameplayer. Danielle, on the other hand, actually has a decent strategy coming in. Is it original? HA. No. But, it’s good enough to work. She seems like that sweet country girl, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see her blow up on a person or two. Could she win? There’s a chance. I doubt it though.


Big Brother 14 Frank Eudy



Frank…. he needs to go. He’s super annoying, and I’m not just talking about that super country accent he has! He needs a haircut, and I’m hoping one of the Veto competitions will require him to do this, like in All-Stars. I didn’t watch much of his interview, because I really couldn’t stand him. He reminds me of Nathan from Big Brother 4, just less hot. Frank’s chances of winning are a crapshoot. Keith from last year a better shot at coming back and winning.


Big Brother 14 Ian Terry



In is the 2012 Ronnie. Just a skinny version. He’s pretty annoying, but adorable at the same time. Like Max on the new 90210! I think he’ll go far, simply because the girls will fall for his geekish charm and the guys won’t see him as a threat. He seems like he’d be good at competitions, both mental and physical. I have high hopes for this kid, and I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if he is our BB14 winner!



Big Brother 14 Jenn Arroyo



She is a mixture of Lydia and Chelsia. I love her. She’s a lesbian, rocker chick, band member, and full of craziness. People are comparing her to Evel Dick, but personally, I don’t think she is. She’s not obsessed with the show, she’s not an old freak, and she’s just ten times cooler. She seems like she’ll blow up on people, and I see a few good cat fights between her and Kara in the future. Do I think she’ll win? Doubtful. But, expect the unexpected!


Big Brother 14 Jodi Rollins



I love her. She reminds me, and every other fan, of Kalia from last season! I liked Kalia, so Jodie has some big shoes to fill. That’s not a fat joke towards Kalia, either. Well, maybe a little bit. Just kidding! Jodi isn’t a Jeff and Jordan fan, which I love. She seems like she’ll be a good social gameplayer, but I don’t see her doing too well in competitions. Could she win? I think there’s a pretty good chance!



Big Brother 14 Joe Arvin



As we don’t have his video interview, it’s kind of hard to get a read on him. He seems kind of… dull though. He’s from Kentucky though, like me, so I’m kind of rooting for him! He’s the replacement for Mike, and I think I would’ve liked Mike, so Joe had better be good! I don’t see Joe winning though. I think he’ll be terrible at competitions. Oh, and I’d like to say – Mike was cute. Joe had better be a good replacement!


Big Brother 14 JoJo Spatafora



I love her. That’s all I need to say. I think she’ll clash with a lot of people, and I see her and Jenn getting along really well. I think she’ll be bitchy, and I love bitchy HouseGuest! She’s a really pretty girl, but I don’t think she’ll be catty, which I like. I actually don’t think any of the girls seem uber catty, at least compared to Rachel. I think JoJo will clash with too many people to win the game, but she could make it pretty far.


Big Brother 14 Kara Monaco



I’m a little biased, as I love Playboy playmates! No, not in the “I love to look at their dirty pics” way (Unless Shane posed for Playboy, I’m not reading it!), but I just love Playboy models. Kendra and Holly are great, and Crystal Harris’s ”Club Queen” is in my iTunes Top 25 Most Played! So, Kara had better be good! She seems sweet, in a Jordan type of way, and I think she could win. If she does decent at competitions, at least.


Big Brother 14 Shane Meaney



I almost didn’t type my review on Shane, because I feared I wouldn’t be able to stop typing. But, I’m trying it anyway. He’s hot. That’s really all I need to say. He is the man candy of this season. SHOUT OUT to Matt Maynard at for getting him to take his shirt off within two minutes of sitting down for an interview! He could easily win this season, especially if he uses his perfect looks and body to get to the end. I know who I’m voting for to win Fan Favorite this year….


Big Brother 14 Wil Heuser



Wil is the TOTAL opposite of Shane. Wil is gay. Like, he reminds me of Chris Crocker. You know, the “Leave Britney Alone!” guy? Yeah, he’s THAT gay. He wants to change gay stereotypes, but he went into his interview wearing short shorts that he made himself…. No comment. he seems too out there to win, but I think he’ll make jury, unless he evicts himself with hopes of getting a super power.



Big Brother 14 Willie Hantz



I love Willie. I don’t watch Survivor, so I don’t know about his brothers. But, I love Willie. He’s pretty cute, he’s funny, and I think he’ll be a great gamer! I hope he blows up on somebody, because THAT will make great television! He has a pretty good shot at winning, especially if he acts as cool in the house as he has during all of his pre-season interviews. Whoever is running his Twitter is super annoying though. He should beat them up when he gets out of the house!


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  • Shannon Bauer

    So hilarious! We seem to agree for the most part on these people. Can’t wait until July 12th!