Winner of the Final HoH Part 2 is…

Big Brother 14 Flashback - hoh part 2 pic 1

YEAH! Ian won it!

Last night around 6:50pm BBT the LIVE FEED focused on the Diary Room Door and out came Dan announcing “Hey Danielle and Ian, its time for Pt 2 of the HOH competition” and then BB production says Hi to Ian & Danielle and we get FISH and then TRIVIA. Then around 9:00pm BBT the LIVE FEEDS came back to Danielle yelling at Ian about lying to her. DRAMA!!! This is what happened:

-Before the competition, Dani sorta, kinda, thought she made a final 2 deal with Ian but in reality, he didn’t agree to it.

-Dan told Dani that if Ian won the HoH Part 2 competion, that Dan would make a huge scene and congratulate Ian in front of Dani and that Dani then needed to get really pissed off at Dan about why he’s so happy about Ian winning. The reason for all that was to convince Ian that Dan & Dani don’t have a Final 2 Deal and that he might throw the HoH Part 3 competition to Dan so that Dan would take Ian and not Dani. I know, sounds really far fetched.

-So after the competition, Danielle decided to get pissed off at Ian instead and screamed at him, telling him that if he takes Dan to the Final 2 that she will convince the Jury not to vote for him. She’s pissed because now she knows that Ian has a Final 2 deal with Dan and she isn’t happy about it because if Ian wins the HoH Part 3, he will take Dan and not her. She calls Ian all kinds of names including the DEVIL. She pretty much loses it.

-Soon after, Dan grabs Ian and they go to the Arcade and wants to celebrate his win but Ian is freaking out because of what Dani said to him. He’s really mad that Dan celebrated in front of Danielle and asked him why he did that. Dan apologizes (not really) and said that he made a mistake.

So do you think the whole soap opera show worked? I don’t think so. I believe Ian thinks Dani is crazy and that Dan & Dani have something going on. It was just way too fake and will definitely backfire on them. Ian would be crazy to throw the final competition and I don’t think he is crazy. What do you think? Who will be in the FINAL 2?

Well Big Brother 14 is almost over but don’t worry, another Big Brother season isn’t too far away. I setup two Facebook Groups. One for Big Brother 15 CLICK HERE to join and one for Big Brother Canada CLICK HERE to join. Thanks!

  • april r

    I was sooo happy. I am so worried tho that Dan will talk Ian into letting Dan win it. He’s way too trusting of Dan. Dan’s ego would probably want Danielle (yuck) in his Final 2 but as clever as he is’ it would be to his benefit to let Danielle go to jury, hating Ian and trying to get the jurors who hate Dan to ultimately vote for him.
    This has turned into the most exciting season in years. I get so angry watching Dan manipulate people and then smirk and mug it up for the cameras. I’m sure I’d like him outside the house, but I am Team Ian all the way.