Big Brother Canada House is under construction

Big Brother canada pool under construction

Construction is well underway on Big Brother Canada’s house and looking at these photos… It’s a HUGE project.

Peter Faragher, the production designer, was interviewed by ET Canada and says “It is a Long, long project. Like Full time, flat on, not doing anything else”. We were originally told the Big Brother Canada house was going to be in Toronto but instead sits Inside a Mississauga Ontario studio, just south west of Toronto. Like I said, it looks huge. Definitely bigger than the Big Brother USA house. Big Brother canada house in Mississauga OntorioFrom the preliminary photos we can see a living room, multiple bedrooms, a bathroom with two showers and of course a backyard with a royal blue pool. But wait…. They are saying that the house guests won’t be seeing much of the outdoors during the show. The INDOOR backyard will have a special lighting system called a “soft box”. It will control the light in the backyard so that it will look like morning, afternoon & night. Light will shift throughout the backyard so that shadows will move. Sounds very interesting and very expensive. There will also be a Live audience and they will be located indoors, just outside the big brother house, in a HUGE open space. ET Canada says they will be the first Crew on the set. Most likely we will see that sometime in January. Remember, the premiere is set for February 18th.

So what do you think of the house so far?

Big Brother Canada living room under construction
The sunken Living room has a fireplace

Big Brother Canada Bathroom under construction
The Bathroom with two separate showers

Big Brother Canada 2nd floor under construction
Above the ladder is a hallway to the HoH room

  • Glammy

    Getting excited Christmas twice in a year!!!! Actually 3 times dec, feb and July!!

  • JP

    well don’t get too excited yet. i hear that we not be watching bb canada on a USA station or LIVE FEEDS :-(

  • runswithscissors

    That would really mess with my head if I was enclosed with no real sun our to see the sky for that long of a time. Even people in prison get to go outside. Its going to be awesome! Can’t wait to see if they have a theme!

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