Big Brother Canada Commercial with Boogie and Dr. Will

Big Brother Canada Phone Call with Boogie and Dr. Will

A new Big Brother Canada commercial featuring two BBUSA stars!

During Sunday nights Survivor Finale, we got a glimpse of a new big brother Canada commercial featuring Big Brother USA stars Mike Boogie and his sidekick Dr. Will. huh? I know, I asked the same question… What in the world are Boogie and Dr. Will doing in a Big Brother Canada commercial? hmmmmmm Good Question!? Well, I am a very suspicious type of person and I am wondering if they will be part of the show when it premiere’s on February 27th. huh… so in the commercial, they give us their trademarked phone call to each other… I know, It’s a little old but I still find it a little funny. Don’t you? Anyway, this is their phone conversation:

Boogie: bringgg… bringgggg
Dr. Will: Hello
Boogie: Yo Will… it’s boogie
Dr. Will: Hey Boogie
Boogie: So are you ready for the latest?
Dr. Will: Absolutely!
Boogie: Really Ready?
Dr. Will: Ready
Boogie: Big Brother is coming to Canada! Ehhhh
Dr. Will: What’s a bo time
Boogie: Yo, check this out… they are doing it in the middle of the winter…
Dr. Will: No way!!!
Boogie: Way! They are going to freeze their tails off!
Dr. Will & Boogie: ahahahahahahah

So what was that all about? We all know the show will be 100% indoors! Well anyway, it was entertaining and i’m always looking forward to new big brother commercials. Enjoy the commercial and let me know what you think!