Could Big Brother 15 be another All-Stars?

Big Brother All Star Rivals

Hello everyone, to start, I’ll introduce myself, my name is Jeremy and I have been recruited to be a guest blogger for Big Brother 15! As most of you are, I am a huge fan of Big Brother. I started watching season 11, and got hooked, I went back and watched all the previous seasons and loved each of them.

Most of us have already started to have Big Brother withdrawals. For me, mine started the day after season 14 ended. To pass the time, I like to think up possible twists the producers could be thinking of. As Ian brought up this season, Heroes Vs. Villains has crossed my mind, as well as a twist that sees evicted house guests returned, similar to redemption island on survivor. But the idea that got the most reception on Twitter was that of an All-Stars season in which Rivals return for a second, or third in some cases, attempt at the $500,000.00 prize.

Rivals are what make Big Brother so much fun to watch. From Janelle and Beau’s historic fight to Rachel’s return in season 12. I have made a list of the best rivals from season 6 and up to form the perfect All-Stars 2 cast.

The first rival paring is April and Howie from Big Brother 6. In Big Brother 6 we saw perhaps one of the most divided houses in Big Brother history. On one side was the Sovereign 6 alliance of James, Sarah, Janelle, Kaysar, Howie and Rachel, and on the other was the Nerd Herd with the remaining house guests. When choosing which rival pair from this season it came down to Janelle and Beau & April and Howie. The rival pairing I chose from this season was, Howie and Busto, excuse me, April. I figured Janelle was just on Big Brother 14, and her and Beau are now good friends, so the chance of them returning is very unlikely. Leaving Howie and April and who doesn’t love Beefcake Howie? Howie makes for quality TV, in Big Brother 6 he caused a lot of chaos in the house, making for a fantastic season. And how could we forget about his rival, April? April and Howie have great chemistry together and I’m sure they have some unfinished business that would make for a great season of Big Brother!

The next pairing comes from Big Brother 8. Big Brother 8 saw real life rivals come face to face inside the house. But the rival paring from this season hadn’t met before meeting in the Big Brother house. Who other than Jen and Evel Dick could be picked as rivals? In Big Brother 8, Evel Dick and Jen fought close to everyday. From pouring drinks on her head, to burning her with his cigarette, Evel Dick, was just that. I’m sure if we were to see Dick and Jen in the Big Brother house again together, fireworks would arise.

The third pair of rivals comes from Big Brother 10. In Big Brother 10 we saw the show go back to basics, with no twists. Some consider Big Brother 10 the best season ever. Big Brother 10 had an immense amount of fights. Many of the fights came from the women of the house, April, Libra and Keesha. As Memphis said; “What else would you expect from a house of middle aged women?”. The rivals from Big Brother 10 are Keesha and April. When I thought of Big Brother 10, I knew April would make the list, but I had to choose from Libra or Keesha from her rival. I went with Keesha because I felt that the viewers would want to see more of Keesha. Keesha is one of mine and many others favorite players ever and I’m sure if you put her and April back in the house they would start a few wars or words.

The 7th and 8th rivals that would enter the Big Brother 15 house are Michelle and Natalie from Big Brother 11. Just from watching the show, you wouldn’t think that Natalie and Michelle were that big of rivals, but if you watched the live feeds, you knew that they were in fact enemies. I remember Michelle saying after the show, that Natalie tried to poison her with red dye. I don’t know if red dye can poison you or if Michelle was allergic to it, but none the less, those were Natalie’s intentions. Week after week, Natalie and Michelle targeted each other, until it came down the final 4 and Michelle was evicted. If these two were let back into the house, I would just hope that there would be no death attempts.

This next pair of rivals is perhaps one of my favorites. Big Brother 12 saw the season of the saboteur, but what the season was remembered for was the fights. Big Brother 12 viewers met a new villain, Rachel. Before I start talking about her, keep in mind that Rachel is my favorite player ever. Rachel was involved in several fights with different house guests. When Rachel was evicted, she returned to the house for a short 24 hours. In these 24 hours, Rachel went toe to toe with one house guest in particular, Ragan. Rachel’s return sparked one of the biggest fights in Big Brother history. Although Rachel and Ragan have become good friends outside the Big Brother house, the fans of the show remember them as rivals, Ragan, and especially Rachel, would make for a great All-Star season.

The next rivals come from my favorite season, Big Brother 13. In Big Brother 13 we saw 3 Dynamic Duos return for a second chance at the money. And the rivals I have chosen are Daniele and Jeff. The war between Daniele and the veterans started when she planted the seed for a backdoor of Jeff. Brendon and Rachel exposed this plan and thus ignited the war. On one side was Daniele and the ‘floaters’ and on the other was the remaining veterans. Jeff eventually defeated Daniele and sent her to the jury house, only for Daniele’s alliance to send him there shortly after. I’m sure if Jeff, Daniele and Rachel all joined the house again we would see an alliance form, to possibly dominate the game!

The final rival pairing comes from our most recent season, Big Brother 14. We all know Frank was given America’s favorite for a reason, because he certainly didn’t win it fair and square. As the fans suspected, Frank was most likely given the prize to prepare for his return later on. In Big Brother 14, Frank’s biggest rival was Dan. Ever since the beginning of the season, Frank, and the rest of the house, tried to get Dan out every week. As we all know, Dan made it to the final 2, surviving each eviction, which is why many believe he is one of the best players of all time. During the game, Frank attacked Dan’s morals and his wife. Dan being the classy person he is, didn’t respond to Franks blows. Frank was a very explosive house guest and very disliked by the public. Something that makes a good season is having someone you love to hate, and for most of us, that’s Frank. Giving Frank and Dan their keys to the Big Brother 15 house.

So that’s the line-up I came up with for Big Brother 15′s rival season. But Big Brother wouldn’t have just one twist, would they? As I said before, I think a great twist idea is something like Survivor’s redemption island. In Big Brother’s version, when house guests are evicted, Julie tells them about the twist and they are sent to a luxury house. Once a second house guest arrives, the public votes for who they want to send to the house. The house guest with the lowest votes is then evicted for good, and the one with the most votes stays in the luxury house. This goes on for a couple of weeks until 4 or 5 have been evicted for good. Then the remaining house guest returns to the house, shocking his or her fellow house guests.

I want to thank you all for reading and I would love to hear your feedback. Who would you like to see back? Do you want Big Brother 15 to be all-stars? Please leave a comment below or on my twitter account.

  • Omega Kin

    Rivals, nice Idea. Keesha & Dan would be alliance for sure. Maybe Dan could mist his way into a female alliance with just him in it, that is how he picked his team lol

  • Tony Bermani

    Well Howie was already an All Star so I don’t think he or BB6 April would be eligible for this years Seasons 8-14 All Star Edition. Jen was Season 8′s trouble making quitter….why would you pick her as an All Star? Dan is classy? You really don’t know much about Big Brother Jeremy.

  • Jeremy

    I appreciate your opinion, but it is all hypothetical. I’m not saying thee people will be cast, I’m just saying they would make a good cast. All those people very well could be cast, I think. Dan is fairly classy, he kept his composure all season long, unlike some houseguests.

  • Jeremy

    Lol, thanks! I like that idea too!

  • Robert

    I would like to see celebrities like they do in UK

  • Omega Kin

    And that’s why I like Dan, he plays the game super hard but never makes personal insults or remarks about other houseguests. Hell, he was the only one honest with Dani about how she was & how things were going to be for her post-BB. Like he was at home seeing the hate lol But he told her, in a very loving & caring way, while everyone else including Shane said shit about her behind her back. That’s what makes him classy @facebook-100000463121224:disqus

  • Aaron Guaraldi

    I love the Dani – Jeff rivalry. Team Dani! :D

  • Jeremy

    That would be cool! Who would you like to see? I know I would LOVE to see Speidi like the UK and Ashley Tisdale.

  • Mikian

    I highly doubt an All-Star 2 season for BB15 would happen. Frankly your hypothesis of a Rival season would be a sound idea for ratings, but not for the live feeders & diehards demanding a full cast of newbies! I will admit I started to follow along until you mentioned Rachel & Ragan. He showed his support rooting for her from home during season 13.
    Lastly, I personally would love to see new twists of the big brother game with a whole new cast of housemates. I personally will blame casting if they so decide to bring back veterans. Be creative BB USA is all I ask, otherwise I will continue enjoying Big Brother UK & Australia….Spain even. *steps off soap box*

  • Shane Lawson

    Where can you watch the previous seasons? I started on 8 and can only seem to find episodes going back until 8 or 9

  • Shannon Bauer

    I loved so many of them but like someone said down there Rachel and Ragan are friends now lol I know that fight was pretty epic but I doubt you’d get the same sort of thing. And plus (as much as I personally love Rachel) I think most fans have had quite enough of her lol I also noticed you skipped season 9 lol Not that I object, it is my least fave season lol :p just something I noticed lol And also, I would DIE if Natalie is S11 came back.. like just ugggh I never had so much hate for a houseguest in my life til she came around lol she just annoyed every single fiber of my being. xD

  • Richard Criscione

    I would love to see Howie, Janelle, April, Jen, Renny, and Keesha again. But please no more Dan and Evil Dick. I love Jeff, but he has had enough airtime. Renny would be a trip to see again. She would bring laughter back to the Big Brother house

  • Chance Armstrong

    I would replace Natalie with Ronnie. Ronnie is much better television and it gives you an even number of males and females

  • Jeremy

    Good idea! After all he did call her the devil.

  • Joe

    you can watch all past seasons on Big Brother Archives:

  • Rick


  • Rick

    I can not emphasise enough how horrible this was reading.

  • Scott

    Frank won Americas favourite house guest… How was he the most hated ? :/

  • Big Brother Addict

    I could not stand Danielle and Shane of BB14 – I would rather see one of them in te hous e(ugh) against Frank – I am totally sick of Dan.

  • Big Brother Addict

    Rachel and Ragan are too good of friends now for that to work. I’d rather see Rachel and Kristen! “Floaters, grab a life vest…KRISTEN!!”

  • Big Brother Addict

    Gary Busey! LOL

  • catlady

    If there is another All Stars can we bring back players that people liked. Not people who CBS said we should like. And please, not another season so soon of Frank. BB 14 was hard enough to handle with him on it.