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Jeff & Jordan New Year's DietBet

Jeff and Jordan’s weight loss challenge on

Big Brother & The Amazing Race Stars Jeff & Jordan have become‘s spokes-couple and are putting their money where their weight is. ;-) They have started a weight loss challenge on and are committed on losing 4% of their current weight along side their fans. So why have JeJo decided to do this? Well, according to Jeff, this challenge is not about the money but it’s about getting healthy for the new year and looking better for whoever is in your life and for yourself. They both claim to have gained weight over the holidays and they feel that is a good way to kick off the year and loose the extra weight. I think this is a great idea and it looks like many of their fans agree. As you can see above, there currently are 333 players with $16,650 in the POT. HOLY! Not bad JeJo. So what is all about? According to their website, “DietBet is a 4-Week Social Dieting Game”. Their motto is “LOSE WEIGHT. HAVE FUN. WIN MONEY.” Different? YES. Does it work? I guess its 100% up to you. Jeff and Jordan believe so and back on January 8th, they were interviewed by Fox 11LA and asked all about their weight loss challenge on Dietbet. Check out the interview:

So are you ready to join Jeff and Jordan on their quest to loose weight? The challenge just started today, January 15th, so hurry and sign up. Here is a step by step guide to get going:

1) Go to and scroll thru the “Games Starting Soon” and click “Join Game” on one of the games. To join JeJo’s challenge you can CLICK HERE. You can either signup with your Facebook account or just your email address. If you don’t want to join an existing game, you can start your own challenge and invite your friends to loose weight along with you.
2) To begin, you “bet” money into a POT. Bets seem to range from $25 and up. JeJo’s bet is $50.
3) Next it’s time to Weigh In – Two days before the game begins, you’ll be asked to submit proof your official starting weight. Their standard weigh-in process involves you to submit two photos, one of you on a scale in simple pants and a shirt and another photo of the scale’s readout with the “weigh-in word” written on a piece of paper. The word is emailed to you. Don’t worry, the photos are all confidential and they won’t post them on the site.
4) Invite your friends to play along with you. Remember, the more people that join the game, the larger the POT, the more money you will make when you WIN. ;-)
5) That’s it. Now it’s time to Play – You have 4 weeks (28 days) to lose 4% of your starting weight. So for example, if you weight 200 lbs, you need to lose 8 lbs to WIN. Whoever of the Players that hit their target weight at the end of the 4 weeks will WIN and will divide up the POT among the winners. So if the POT is $1000.00 and 5 people WIN, then the POT is divided up among the 5 players and each will get $200.00 (minus a small fee). OH YEAH! Now playing this game won’t make you rich but just think how AMAZING it would be to lose weight and look & feel better! ;-)

Let me know in the comments area below if you signed up for the challenge. I’d also love to hear from you if you’ve used DietBet or are currently on a challenge. Good Luck to everyone!