Aboot the Cast of Big Brother Canada

Cast of Big Brother Canada

My opinion about the Big Brother Canada Cast.

Just seven days before the Big Brother Canada premiere the cast of 15 was revealed and I’m very excited about this upcoming season! I’d like to tell you all aboot the houseguests. Yes I made that mistake on purpose. Let’s start with Talla.

BBCAN Talla Rejaei Talla is 26 years old, from Edmonton. My first impression of her, based off her picture, is she looks alot like Holly from The Glass House. I think she could be someone very disliked by the fans. She seems very outspoken and I’m sure she will be involved in a few fights. If I had to guess, I would say she would play a game somewhat like April from Big Brother 10, I think she’ll start off with a couple girl friends, then possibly start a showmance and turn her back on her friends. In her bio she says she hates when people burp without saying excuse me, I can only imagine what that would be like if she was angry when it happened. I see her going out half way through jury.

BBCAN Thomas Plant Next up is Thomas. Thomas is from Edmonton also and is 24. When I think about the cast now, he is someone I have a hard time remembering. Based off of his bio and picture, nothing about him excites me. He says he has no strategy and is “just going to wing it” which should be interesting to see. He is a firefighter, which may help out in the endurance competitions. I think Thomas will either be in an alliance of 3-4 people or else in a showmance, possibly with Talla.

BBCAN Jillian MacLaughlin On to one of my favorites Jillian. Jillian is 27 and is from Nova Scotia. In my opinion, she is the most attractive houseguest of them all, which may hurt her. She could be very good at endurance competitions that have to do with hanging on to something due to her size. I see her in an alliance with a couple guys and her winning a lot of vetoes. Watch out for her, because she might just take it all.

BBCAN Gary Levy Now onto Gary. He is 21 and from Toronto. Judging by his picture, I would say he is the token gay on this season. Gary will be very flamboyant and outgoing, which will probably end up hurting him. I think he will be like a Lawon and sink his own ship. I know for sure, I will not be rooting for Gary. I picture him going out pre-jury maybe week 3.

BBCAN Andrew Monaghan Then to Andrew. He is 38 years old and from Halifax. In  his bio he says that he plans on telling the girls he is younger so they will flirt with him. To me, this guy is crazy. I will not be rooting for him, I think he will play like Joe and be very loud, but also make it pretty far, maybe 4th or 5th juror.

BBCAN Kat Yee Another houseguest who I am a little weary about is Kat. She is 27 and also from Toronto. I don’t get much off of her from her bio. All I can tell is that she likes to talk. If I had to guess, I would say she’ll play like JoJo, but also be evicted very early.

BBCAN Emmet Blois Someone who I think will play a very quite game is Emmett. He is 24 and from Nova Scotia. I think he will try to be in a showmance, but the ladies won’t go for him. Again, I don’t get much of a read of him, and he may be an early boot.

BBCAN Anuj AJ Berman This cast is very young, but one of the older houseguests is AJ. He’s 32 and from Ontario. I think that he could be one of the core members of the male alliance, and maybe even start it, he seems like he has a plan. I think he will make it to Jury, but won’t win. He could become someone I root for.

BBCAN Liza Stinton Perhaps the most outspoken houseguest is Liza. She is 29 and also from Toronto. She says her strategy is to shut up and listen, but I think that’ll be something very hard for her to do, I can’t picture it. Her bio says that her father recently passed away, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she used that to her advantage. I don’t think she will be well liked by the public, I usually root for underdogs, and she may be one.

BBCAN Emerald Topaz Brady Next up is Emerald, or Topaz. I’ll call her Emerald I like that name better. She is 27 and from Ontario. She says she doesn’t know her strategy but she will either be super kind to everybody or be a complete bi*@h. (Her words, not mine) I really hope she brings our her feisty side, and starts a few wars, I don’t think she will disappoint.

BBCAN Aneal Joshua Ramkissoon Then there is Aneal, this cast has very odd names, I haven’t heard half of them before. Anyway, Aneal is 21 and from Ontario. He is one of the younger ones of the cast, I think he will be very quiet and stay out of fights. I think he’s someone I will root for, but I want to see him come out of his shell!

BBCAN Danielle Alexander And we have another Danielle on Big Brother, shocker! I don’t think this girl has seen the show before being approached by Robyn Kass, she says she is an aspiring actress and hopes that the show helps her career blossom. Oh joy another actress! I think I could root for Danielle, she seems very sweet, but I don’t think it will last. She may clash with Emerald or one of the other girls. I predict she is out before Jury, possibly the first out.

BBCAN Suzette Amaya Suzette is another wild card. She is a mom of 3 from Vancouver. I don’t know what type of kind of houseguest she will be, so it’s very hard for me to asses her. If I has to guess, I would say she will be the first juror.

BBCAN Peter Brown Another one of my favorites is Peter. He is 26 and from British Colombia. At first I though Peter would play like Ian, but then after watching some of his YouTube videos I changed my mind. Peter is hilarious, I love him, I can’t wait to see what he will be like inside the house, I am sure he has it all planned out. On the flip side, as he says, he is a mean person. I expect to see him start some drama between the girls. I think we will see him in the final 3.

BBCAN Alec Beall Last, but not least is Alec. Alec is also 26 and from BC. He says his favorite player is Dr. Will. I will be very surprised if we do not see a Dr. Will or Dan – esque game from him. Alec knows what he is doing and knows what he needs to do to win. I predict Alec is the winner of Big Brother Canada.

So, with all that being said, I’m positive we will have a GREAT season of Big Brother with Big Brother Canada, and I cannot wait to watch!! Make sure to comment or tweet me @jeremywoodsbb your comments!

All photos courtesy of Big Brother Canada Facebook Page