Big Brother 13: The Movie

Big Brother 13 - Brenchel Movie Trailer

The Brenchel Movie Trailer

Howdy everyone! As I mentioned in my previous article, “Could Big Brother 15 be another All-Stars?“,  I am a huge Brenchel fan! I literally live and breath Brenchel. While trolling through YouTube one day, I came across the song Requiem for a Dream, if you know the song, you know it’s very intense. So with Big Brother 13 being my favorite season, I decided to make a movie trailer of it. I posted it only a couple days ago, and it already had over 2,000 views! The reception has been amazing, I love all the positive feedback I’ve received. Below, I included some of the reactions of my favorite houseguests from BB13!

big brother 13 brenchel tweet

So without further ado, here it is, Big Brother 13: The Movie:

I would absolutely love to hear what you guys think of it, so leave a comment below and tweet me @jeremywoodsbb!

  • u know whoz I amz

    Good job jerbear

  • Jeremy

    thanks jamie!!

  • Joe

    Love Love Love this vid! Great job jeremy!

  • Big Brother Addict

    That was amazing!

  • Connie

    FLIPP’N FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!

  • Juanita Beck Nnanna

    Almost brought tears to my eyes. Good job

  • Annette Wood

    awesome i loved it :)