My Thoughts on the BBCAN Houseguests

bbcan houseguests

My Thoughts on the BBCAN Houseguests by Shannon

Hello, Shannon here again. Sorry for the long delay in posting. I have been at home sick :( Living off of meds and soup lol So from the sickness of my bedroom comes my current thoughts of the BBCAN houseguests! I realize I did this in my last post, so of, but after watching the live feeds and seeing the episodes, my opinions have changed sooo much. So without further adieu, in alphabetical order.. (with ranking numbers at the end :p cus it is more fun to have rankings :p all my opinions)

AJ – because honestly if I didn’t go in alphabetical order, I wouldn’t even remember that this guy is in the house. Just a little advice for AJ DO SOMETHING! It is one thing to play under the radar but another to play completely invisible. He may be one of my least favorites for the simple fact that I don’t remember him. (#13)

Alec – now I may have to retract my hate for this poor fellow from my previous post. I am sooo sorry! Just in that intro video there is a fine line between confident and cocky, and bro crossed said line. But since being on the show and seeing his human side and seeing him comfort Suzette (who certainly did not deserve any of it after that tantrum) I gained a lot of respect for him. Not to mention he is one half of the Shield and we all know about my love for Peter. :p lol So Alec, congrats, you changed my mind and redeemed yourself gloriously.  (#6)

Andrew -  still liking him just sort of wish he would be more involved as well. Aside from watching him dance (funniest thing ever), haven’t really seen him do too much. But at least he socializes with people and is known in the house and I have no yet forgotten about him. See this AJ, is how you play under the radar without being invisible, works wonders :p (#7)

Aneal – oh Aneal, are you the Canadian Dan Gheesling? I know strong words but seriously, he went from most hated person in the house playing too hard too fast and almost being evicted, to sending the pawn out with some mighty fake tears. I clap for this man. It was an incredible sale and seeing Danielle’s face after it happened just made it all worth it to me. He is getting a fairly decent ranking from me just because he managed to somehow figure his way out of being evicted and become completely off their radar the following week. (#5)

Emmett – I still think he is a sweet country boy but I don’t know if having his bromance with Tom and his showmance with Jillian is going to benefit him in the long run. I think he already had a target on his back and getting romantic with Jillian only added another. I suppose only time will tell, but I have faith that he can pull this off for a while since he seems to have quite a bit of control and power in the house even when he himself isn’t in control. (#8)

Gary – this boy has grown on me more and more with each passing week. At first I thought he was a bit much but now I am finding myself wanting to put on some glitter lol totally kidding. But in all seriousness, Gary is a strong contender to win this game, I am just worried since it does seem that people are discovering how good of a competitor and player he is. With Topaz by his side and making sure he isn’t too over the top, I think he can go pretty far. At least I hope he does. (#2)

Jillian – now I like her, I really do, just I would have liked to have seen what she would have done as HoH without all the Emmett/Tom influence. It seemed like she just gave that power to them even though she was really the one who had it. This disappointed me but her getting together with Liza and forming a backup girls alliance did redeem herself in that regard so I have faith that she can and will do better. (#9)

Liza – while she may be doing whatever it is she is doing with Tom, she seems to have her own ideas and plans for the house which is what I love about her. I’d love to see what she would do if she won HoH and see if she’d let the boys tell her what to do like Jillian did, because something tells me she wouldn’t and I would looove to see that happen. (#3)

Peter – well we all know Peter is my boy. lol Well not really, but you know. He is so involved with everything that is going on and no one seems to really notice. It is a more behind the scenes approach which I am really enjoying. He has alliances in all the right places and appears to get along with everyone while pretty much hating them all. Also when he was praising the “when else will I ever be woken up at random intervals and told to do ridiculous tasks? AND have it piss everyone in the house off.” LOL died. (#1, as if you didn’t see that coming :p)

Suzette – I liked her, then I didn’t like her, and now I just don’t care. I understand she was upset that Tom got HoH but he really wasn’t coming after her, so what does she do? Throw a two year old tantrum and completely destroy my respect for her. Just no. The only reason that she isn’t last ranked is because at least I remember her. (#12)

Talla – she is so ridiculous, I don’t even know what she is doing on this show but for sheer amusement factor I am so glad she is. I absolutely adore her. She is so weird, and I mean that in the best way possible. The only reason she is so high up here on my rankings is because of how often I find myself laughing whenever I am watching her. Laughter really does go a long way with me. Keep at it girl and maybe you can accidentally how did this happen yourself into the finals. (#4)

Tom – he is climbing back up into my good graces. He showed a soul when crying looking at pictures of his parents and honestly it melted my heart. Hearing him talk about finally respecting Gary just, finally Tom, finally. There is a decent human in there! If he can keep calm and not get so rawr, especially over someone as childish as Suzette, I think he can go pretty far. He just has to keep his head in the game and remember why he is here and not take so much personally. (#10)

Topaz – her friendship with Gary is truly wonderful and her cuddlemance or whatever you wanna call it with Alec is also cute. But this girl is actually paying attention to the game and doesn’t just blindly listen to the boy in her life. RESPECT. Even though Alec told her not to do something she followed her own head and did what she wanted and I am so glad she is playing her own game and looking out for herself and doing what she wants. Props to her. If I can see more moves like this then definitely this ranking can change. (#11).

Honorable Mentions:

Kat – honestly she likely would have been my number 2 or 3 or something like that. Just something about this girl that made me love her and I wish we could have seen more of her. :(

Danielle – so young so naive.. haven’t you ever watched Big Brother before? NEVER ever ever EVERRRR volunteer to be put up as a pawn, the pawn ALWAYS goes home. As you sweetie, have learned. For this sheer stupidity she’d be last. Sorry but really come on, you never volunteer to be put up on the block in BB. Unless you are Dr. Will and you know that they won’t cause you are that amazing. lol Otherwise you never do that. ugh, so disappointed, I had liked her so.

  • Tara Deschamps-Hogan

    My sentiments exactly!! Peter Gary Suzette Talla! Topaz needs to stay awake a little more :)

  • Shannon Bauer

    Lol thank you! :) but I agree if topaz could stay awake a bit more I think she could do so much.