Big Brother Canada AJ evicted


Hey everyone! After a little break from BBCAN and a vacation, and I’m glad to say I’m back! Another fantastic week of Big Brother Canada came this week, and it seems like my favorites change every week.

So we started the week after the huge double eviction of Tom and Liza, and the houseguests, celebrated to say the least.  After Alec won HOH, for what only seemed to be for $10k (a little chilltown-esque), we saw him play it safe with his nominations, nominating Suzette and AJ. I felt really bad for Suzette this week, she took it really hard, and no one, other than Gary, seemed to care. Then we went to a unique POV competition where Emmett won. Great. So now it seems Emmett has become the new Tom, his ego is going to his head and thinks he’s running the house. Personally, Emmett is my least favorite player in the house. He is one of the most boring houseguests ever, and the only reason he was cast is because of his body. Okay, enough venting. After that, Emmett hosted the POV meeting where it seemed as though his soul purpose was to upset Suzette. Needless to say, he did not use the POV. Then we went to a GREAT eviction show. Before we talk about Thursdays eviction, I have to say how much I love Talla! She is one of the funniest, cutest and most amazing houseguests, and she’s become my new favorite! So we went to an eviction an Suzette was evicted, shocker, and her only vote was Gary. I really liked that gary stayed true to his girl. Then we went to a very long HOH competition, which came down to my girl Talla and Topaz. Topaz won and we were left hanging.

Arisa promised us a twist for Sundays show, and then the feeds went down. NOT COOL BIG BROTHER. Apparantly, there has been a feed leak and Topaz nominated Andrew and AJ, with AJ being evicted. Then Andrew won HOH and nominated Gary and Topaz. I really would like to know why these people are too afraid to nominate Jillian or Emmett, these houseguests are not thinking! I would really like to see Gary win POV this week and then take himself down, and Andrew makes a big move and backdoors Emmett. Pretty please. What do you guys want to see happen? Comment below and tweet me!

  • kungfuwomn

    ITA the only difference is I stopped watching the show!Gary and Suzette were my faves & even though I still like gary I just don’t like the rest of the Hgs enough to suffer through Jemmett and Talec!Along with Feeds being down more then they have been up & not being able to watch them this has made me lose interest.

  • Joe

    i disagree with you. even without the feeds i think the first season on bbcan is a huge success. i love the cast. i love the house. i love the comps. don’t give up on it just yet. the next few weeks will be EPIC!

  • itzmurda

    I hated Suzette. She did nothing in the house but be a racist, selfish, self-centered, crybaby hypocrite bully that started fights with people for no reason. Why she has any fans at all makes me question today’s society. Peter is now the most annoying houseguest to me. He’s the fakest guy in the house who does not but sit around all day and think about what he’s gonna shout about in the DR. I have no idea why people want to pick on Jillian and Emmett, when The Shield is aligned with almost everyone in the house. They are the biggest threats in the game, but getting out Jillian is such a big move? I agree with Talla though. She’s not too bright, but she’s such a cutie. There wouldn’t be any twists though (production meddling with the natural progression of the game) if so many “fans” didn’t cry about how boring it is and people “need to make big moves.” I guess the floaters should just coast to the finals? They have to be evicted at some point, I guess they may as well get the so-called boring week out of the way. Big Brother is like chess, but apparently people care more about the reality show aspect than the game aspect. I am more of a fan of the game aspect and agree 100% that Suzette needed to be out when she did. She was a horrible player who had no game and was not only given HOH but also given POV for a week where she already lost the real POV. I doubt she even appreciated it. But it’s smart to get her out before production gave her more handouts and she ended up winning the game. She wasn’t the biggest threat in Big Brother history because of her own horrible social game and never winning comps, she was such a threat because she had the people who control the game helping her out almost every week. That’s what a lot of houseguests were worried about. Andrew specifically was very paranoid about it. I also heard Emmett and Gary say the same thing.

  • Cali1

    I dislike Emmett more than any other Big Brother houseguest ever.Time to put him and Jillian on the block.Jillian has had it way too easy in that house.I’m so sick of those 2.

  • Joe

    why are you sick of them? they are playing a showmance game just like many others. who do you like?

  • Joe

    so you hate suzette but don’t say a thing about what Tom said? you just don’t understand how much stress they are all under in the house. if you watched tom & liza’s interview, you heard Tom say he doesn’t hate suzette and he knows she is a good person. don’t forget bb is a GAME and they are all trying to win it. backstabbing is normal and welcomed by all us fans! ;-)

  • crow

    Suzette needed to go just so I didn’t have to hear about her situation again, and she really wasn’t playing the game. People are having bad times all over the place Suzette, suck it up and move on. After Tom and Liza were evicted the smart move would have been to get Emmett and Jillian out. They are a danger in the house and at this rate will float to the end. In the end it should be the people actually playing the game, Peter, Gary and Andrew. My opinion.