Recap and Thoughts on Big Brother Canada so far!

Big Brother Canada week 5

Recap and Thoughts on Big Brother Canada so far! by Shannon

Hello everyone, time for another blog post yay! :D Now with more time on my hands hopefully I can start shooting these out more.  I just wanted to go through my opinions of the season and the craziness that was last week and my predictions for the future.

Everything seems to be happening so quickly in the BB Canada house and I am finding myself entertained with each episode. First of all, I know in the past I had nicer things to say about Tom, and I don’t take any of that back, however he did let the power get to his head and sunk himself and Liza fast. He let his personal emotions get in the way of thinking long term about the game and what he did to poor Alec, I wanted to just go and punch him in the face for it. Needless to say, I am glad he got evicted since I don’t think he could handle any of it.

As far as this season goes of Big Brother Canada, it is as good as one can expect. I mean it is the first season after all so you have to sympathize and expect that there will be flaws so I can’t judge it too harshly. However, the giving Canada the power of veto thing a couple weeks back was a little weird for me and resulted in Aneal going too early (in my opinion). I like that they are trying to come up with new things and how much drama that one moment caused. Not to mention Suzette thinking that Canada loves her, when in fact we just hate Tom that much.

The first double eviction was last week and it went how one would expect it too with both Tom and Liza leaving. I was sad to see Liza go but I understood the decision and judging by her Twitter she had fun with Tom, Aneal, and Kat anyways after being evicted. Peter’s goodbye videos for both were hilarious and just emphasized my further love of him. Although, he should stop taking notes from Dan and Joe of BB14 and stop yelling in the DR ;). After the departure of Tom the only thing that let me down was Alec giving Andrew the HoH win. While I understood that he didn’t want it because it would be so temporary, I felt bad for poor Andrew. And then to top it off Alec wins the next HoH and $10,000.00 That had to sting for Andrew. If I were Alec I’d share some of that prize money with the poor guy, I don’t know, I’d feel bad personally. Regardless, at least I finally got to see Suzette go home, THANK GOODNESS. I tried, and I tried to like her, just could not make that happen. #SorryI’mNotSorry. Emmett said it best when he said to her (BEST THING EVERR BTW lol) that she just guilt trips everyone and tries to make people feel sorry for her, ANNOYING. Anyways, so happy she is gone my patience was running thin with her.

With all of that being said, I do have high hopes for The Shield alliance and thinking that perhaps they both can make it to the final two. The only problem I see is maybe Alec leaving since he did win that money and would become a target because of that. However, as I said since my first post, I still believe that Peter is in a great position to win this thing. He doesn’t seem to have anyone really paying attention to him or thinking he is a real threat, and yet is still involved in everything. His strategy is working really well and not to mention his humor on the show just makes my night every episode, so I want him around. And now with Topaz winning HoH it seems the shield alliance should be safe for yet another week :)

That’s all for me today though everyone. What are your thoughts on the season so far? Who do you think as a shot to win everything? Leave comments and let me know. As always, follow me on Twitter @sbauer17 for updates on all things Big Brother and my blog as well as things I find interesting in life :P cus you totally care ;) lol

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