What is going on in The Big Brother Canada house?

Big Brother canada week 3

Quitter? HOH Re-Do? Oh how the Big Brother Canada community loves to speculate!

by Jeremy Woods

Well, it has certainly been another crazy week inside (and outside) the Big Brother Canada house. The week started out with Tom winning HOH, gross, in a majority rules competition. The power immediately goes to his head, as speculated.  We see him deciding the pecking order for the Houseguests, who makes it to jury and who doesn’t. To quote Mike Boogie “Who died and left you boss?” Anyway, Tom nominates Suzette and Gary, with Gary as the main target. After Suzette’s blow up on Aneal, she target shifts to her back. We head to another POV competition, where the competitors are asked trivia questions and then given a chance to knock another competitor out of the game. (I have to say, I really enjoyed this competition) Tom finishes victorious, gross x2, and has all the power for the week, I have to ask, how does Tom’s head fit inside the house? At the POV ceremony, Tom removes Gary from the block, to gain his trust and replaces him with AJ as a pawn. Everyone, is set to evict Suzette, until Arisa drops the bomb that Canada also has a Power of Veto. Suzette is awarded the veto and is safe from eviction. HAHA, sorry Tom. Tom has to put a replacement up right away, and chooses Aneal, whom was then evicted 8-2. I was hoping for someone that doesn’t add much to the show, like Andrew or AJ to go home, but I was fine with Aneal’s eviction. We then head to an HOH competition, where Big Brother fans exploded. Emmett won, and us fans noticed some cheating on his part. As clearly stated in the instructions, you were not allowed to carry balls in your hands to your container, however Emmett did. After hours of tweeting Big Brother, they stated that they were working on it, and we would have to wait until Sundays show to see what happened. They shut the live feeds off and cancelled After Dark. WHAT THE HECK?!

So now with the live feeds are cut, we’re all left to speculation. Personally, I think that HOH will, or has been, re done, and the new winner is the new HOH. Other possibilities are punishments for the house, or just for Emmett, I’m super curious to see what Big Brother will do. I also read on Twitter a rumor, that HOH was being re done, and Tom quit the game, and the men are now boycotting the show. I have to remind you that this is just a rumor and I really hope it’s not true. Although I really want Tom out of the game, I don’t want it to be like that. I don’t like to see people self-destruct, and if this rumor is true, I’ll be pretty disappointed.

So, what do you guys think and what is your opinion on what’s going down in the Big Brother Canada house? Tweet me at @jeremywoodsbb and leave me a comment below.


  1. kungfuwomn says

    ITA with everything you said i think its only fair of a redo and want tom out but quitting is not right, just play it out and hope he gets evicted the correct way! Love your recaps since i have to watch the show on Youtube in bits and pieces since my computer is not the best but your recap tells me all the info i need.

  2. says

    ummm.. did anyone also notice it wasnt just emmett that carried the balls.. if one is punished then all who did it should be… if emmett was held out of the redo, then the others who carried ball with their hands should not be able to compete in the redo

  3. tedward says

    I turned on the Live Feed at 3:30am pacific (6:30am their time) to find Gary and Topaz in the living room munching and talking about evictions as if they had real power. What! Did I miss a week? Indeed, they later retired to Gary’s HOH room. Excellent turn of events. They’re targetting Tom.

  4. says

    Interestingly, only Emmett’s name is used when they refer to ‘cheating’ Others did the same, yet only Emmett’s picture is used? Get your facts straight before reporting.