It’s hard playing with idiots!

BBCAN Peter Brown

It’s hard playing with idiots by Shannon

Hey everyone, Shannon here again with my saddest/ranting-est (its a word.. shhhh) post ever. :( So my Peter, okay he isn’t mine, sigh, got evicted because in the words of Peter “it’s hard playing with idiots”. And that about sums up my feelings about it all. I find this post so difficult to write because while I didn’t especially like a lot of the people in the house, having Peter there as my comic relief and to say exactly what I was thinking made it bearable and fun. Without him now, just ugh. My only thought is why couldn’t they have had the powershift this week? Or had Alec just won the Veto saved himself and then Peter got evicted then, he would have LANDSLIDED this coming back deal and I’d be writing the happiest post ever right now, instead of this depression. I realize my fellow blogger Seth is likely laughing at my ridiculousness right now, to which I say buuut IT’S PETER :(  I know, I know, I am ridiculous.

big brother canada powershift In other news, Gary came back into the house. Which in all honesty I was happy about, I wanted either him or Alec to come back. My hope is that Gary will take down Jemmet. Preferably Jillian. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do like her as a person just she let this game get to her head and needs to be taken down a peg or two. Emmet as much as I haven’t liked him in the past, he seemed upset to get rid of Peter and seems to understand playing his own game just didn’t see the point in voting to keep Peter when Jillian would vote him out anyways. Maybe, maybe not, but he seemed genuinely upset to vote out Peter. Now with Gary back in the house I expect more glitter and him to break up the last couple! So excited for that :) and to see how things play out.

What are your thoughts on this last episode? Are you just as sad as me to see Peter go? What did you think about them bringing back Gary? Do you think he has a chance to win? Or be out again next week? Leave comments below and let me know what you think. And as always please follow me on Twitter @sbauer17 it is depressing tweeting things and having no on respond :( lol

  • Kim Walker

    sad Peter is gone too! Jillian needs to be dealt with and I hope my Gary-boy is just the one to do it. he did it once already with tom and liza…..yay Gary