Once again we have a Final 4

big brother canada final 4

Once again we have a Final 4 by Shannon

Hey everyone, it’s your favorite Canadian blogger Shannon here! It feels so bittersweet to say that their are now only two episodes left of the first BBCAN season. Sunday’s episode reminded me just how far it has all come since that first episode and all the drama and crazy twists in between. A lot of my favorites this season seemed to have left early, Peter aside, so thinking back about them seems like it was a whole different season ago. Who would’ve thought that our final four would have been Jillian, Emmett, Talla, and Gary? Now with Jillian as the last HoH we all know for sure that she is positioned very well for final three especially if, like in the US version of BB, there’s an endurance portion to the last HoH competition to determine the final two. With the PoV competition airing on Wednesday whoever wins this, which I know from spoilers but won’t post for those who like to watch and find out, it is the most critical PoV of the season! Whoever holds the PoV gets to decide who to evict and who will be in the final three and are essentially making a $100,000 decision.

All I can say is that as much as I like Jillian as a person I don’t want her to win the whole season. Now I realize she has won many HoH competitions and is deserving in that sense, but I feel like all of that power has gone to her head and that very real genuine side of her that I loved is overshadowed. Gary came back by a twist from good old BBCAN and for that I won’t hold it against him or say he doesn’t deserve to win or anything like that, because it wasn’t something he could personally control and I feel his game before leaving and coming back has been very well played and could definitely see him taking the whole thing if he makes it to final two. Emmett is always thinking about the game with everything he does and these people had a chance to get him out week one and instead got rid of Kat. Aren’t they kicking themselves now? Or at least they should be because honestly, if he makes it to the final two with pretty much any of them I don’t see him losing. As much as some of you may dislike the milkman, he not only was a good competitor in competitions but also established personal relationships with everyone in that house so he played a very good game in that regard. Lastly there is Talla, who may have more of a social game than meets the eye. Honestly, I have been thinking this for a while but especially after seeing tonight’s DR session with her admitting to playing dumb with Jillian was amazing. I don’t think she could really win unless people are that bitter against Jillian but still if she could make the case for herself that she completely fooled people into thinking she was just dumb and didn’t really care, she could maybe take this because really who doesn’t love Talla? She’s very well liked so that could help her if she plays it just right.

Can you not wait til Thursday nights finale?! Just two more episodes left, I can’t believe it is almost over! What does everyone else think about the final four? Who do you think will make  it to final three? Who do you think can win? Leave your comments below and let me know what you think! As always follow me on Twitter, @sbauer17 for updates on my blog and life and things lol and also help me get to 100 followers! :)

  • Josh

    I don’t care if Jillian got a big head or not. Her and Emmett deserve to be in the final two. Only them. Emmett deserves the win against anybody. Gary went to jury, I don’t care who was responsible for bringing him back. He had an outside advantage and he should NOT, I repeat, should NOT win against anyone!!! I love Talla, but she has done nothing in the game, but if she is against Gary, she should win. He was already evicted. DONE! You don’t bring someone back from jury, EVER!! It is unprecedented and should never have happened. Shame on BB Canada for Gary and for the leak of Topaz’s HOH. I found it quite disgusting. Canada will be lucky if they get a 2nd season, which I really hope they don’t, if they are going to play it the way they did this season. I know I will not be watching.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kathy.mcisaac1 Kathy McIsaac

    I agree 110% for sure Josh