Ranking The Final 7 Big Brother Canada Houseguests

Big brother canada final 7

Ranking The Final 7 Big Brother Canada Houseguests by Shannon

Hello everyone, Shannon here again. I felt like doing a ranking of the final 7 Big Brother Canada houseguests since I haven’t posted in a bit and because seven is one of my favorite numbers and with things changing week after week, I feel like I have to keep updating my opinions lol

1) Peter – no matter how much he yells in the DR, which I honestly think he does because he hates people so much, I won’t hate him. He shows his sweet side and so what if he yells, he totally knows he does from his joint DR with Alec and YES HE MUST YELL! lol But in all seriousness, I think he is playing a really good game. He is a very social player and yet is kind of behind the scenes enough that people are targeting Alec before him. In the end he makes me laugh and I think he is super smart. And I may have a wee crush, good thing I’m single lol :p

2) Talla – have always loved her and honestly she is hilarious to watch. She is clumsy and weird and in my world that equals awesome since I am both those things. Anyone who knows me in real life can testify. Although, I am not a lightweight like she is with drinking lol but, I wouldn’t have her any other way. She is also finally starting to form alliances and it seems with both sides of the house so she is in a pretty good position game wise as well, not to mention she has come in second the last few HOH competitions so she also has some game in her too, except for that maze challenge LOL poor girl!

3) Jillian – I think this girl is just genuine and sweet. I think her and Emmett are so cute together and honestly hope the work out in real life. #TeamJemmett. In all seriousness though, she does great in competitions and is very social and likeable so I think she can go really far in this if she keeps playing as smart as she is.

4) Alec – the other half of The Shield alliance and also one of the smartest people in there. He also has greatly redeemed himself since the beginning video when I thought he was full of himself. Seeing him play smart with Peter has definitely changed my opinion of him. The only complaint I have is that atrocious haircut. FIX IT lol He was so cute before lol

5) Emmett – I think he worked well getting his game back on track by reaffirming his alliance with Jillian and then bringing in Andrew. I appreciated his honesty greatly with Suzette (she NEEDED to hear it) and he just seems to be playing the game pretty decently by creating this three person alliance since he knows how close Alec and Peter are. I think this was a smart move bringing Andrew in, who has proved himself to be quite the competitor this past week.

6) Andrew – I still have nothing but love for Andrew. He is playing the game and although he got out Gary, I respect that game play. Gary was a strong competitor and a great social gamer as well, so Andrew getting him out was a good game move. I think Andrew finally creating an alliance, after losing his AJ, will only help him further his game and I look forward to seeing these two alliances battle it out for the final spots.

7) Topaz – now this girl I really do not like. I mean she was stupid enough to think out loud in the Big Brother house and not think hmm maybe someone can hear me? Fail number one. Number two, yelling at Talla for being in the same bed as Alec, whom she ended her showmance with, um no. First of all, Talla was just scared from the horror movie and just wanted to lay with someone and Alec was the only one really there she could. But even if she was hooking up with him, WHO CARES. That would not make Talla a slut and since Alec and her never officially dated and ended whatever was going on, um its over. From seeing that side of her, I just no. And plus, I wanted Gary to stay not her lol

And that is is for my thoughts on everyone, but in this game who knows. Everything changes so quickly in this house! lol What are your thoughts on the final houseguests? And another double eviction next week! What two people do you think are going home? Who do you want to win and think is going to win? Let me know in the comments below :) As always please follow me on Twitter, @sbauer17 for the latest Big Brother updates and updates from my silly life because you all care ;) lol


  1. says

    So? lol is that supposed to change me liking someone just because they might go home? And it’s BB so you never know, and plus he is super smart so I have faith.

  2. Scott says

    He might have been number 1 a week or two ago but that is deff changed now.. He might be your number one but Emmett , Jill < Andrew and Talla's Team is deff on top and will be the final 4 probably. Or at least 3 of them in the final 3 end of story..

  3. Scott says

    Added on to that he did play a pretty decent game, Only part he messed up was when he told talla if he won he would use her as a pawn, Also Alec messed up peters games really bad yesterday…

  4. says

    There is talk of Gary being brought back into the BB House – and take a gander at some of the BB photographs and there is a shadow of a house around Gary’s photo …. ???? Who knows what sort of an end there will be if Gary comes back in. Gary will NOT be joining Emmett, Jillian & Andrew’s alliance but will join forces with Topaz, Peter & Alec! Hmmmmmm….could get to be very interesting although I don’t like the idea of the game being twisted so blatantly this far into the game by bringing Gary back. Loved Gary but he was a bit too, too much these past couple of weeks. GO ‘Beastcoast’!!

  5. says

    See I think you understand my post lol it is who I like the best and who I’d like to see win. If I did a ranking on who I think will instead of want then it would be different.