Ranking the Final 8 Big Brother Canada houseguests!

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Ranking the Final 8 Big Brother Canada houseguests! by Jeremy

Hey everyone! Back again to tell you what I think about the Final 8 and I’ll rank them in order of my favorite to least favorite!

1. Talla – I LOVE TALLA! I love everything about her, I love her quirkyness, her laugh, every time she goes to the DR to vote, EVERYTHING. Talla is one of the most unique houseguests in Big Brother history. I can’t pin-point a previous house guest like her. She seems to have formed a new alliance, with Andrew, Emmett and Jillian. Although I dislike everyone in that alliance, but her, I’m glad she’s starting to get her head in the game!

2. Gary – I like Gary because he is an underdog! Gary’s back is completely against the wall, he’s on the block with his closest ally, and is the main target. Almost every season of Big Brother, I see myself rooting for the underdogs, and this season is no different. And of course his love for Brenchel helps too.

3. Topaz – My third favorite houseguest was very hard to figure out, because I really have things I dislike about every remaining houseguest, but I chose Topaz. As with Gary, I’m rooting for Topaz because she is an underdog! I’m glad that Topaz decided to leave her showmance with Alec and not went down the typical dumb girl move that Jillian seems to be playing.

4. Alec – Alec is my fourth favorite houseguest because I can tell he has a great sense of the game. Although I don’t really like him, I have a great respect for his game. He’s playing it with alot of intelligence and I would be shocked if he doesn’t win this season. In saying that, I also really don’t like him. Alec has gotten really cocky in the last week, because he knows he isn’t going anywhere soon and I really don’t liked that attitude.

5. Peter – Peter is my fifth favorite houseguest for the exact same reasons as Alec. Alec and Peter are very similar in the game, the only thing separating them in this ranking is that Peter’s Dr’s annoy the heck out of me. He clearly knows he is yelling in the DR, SO WHY CAN’T HE STOP?! If Peter become more humble and less cocky, and toned it down in the DR, he could defiantly go up in my ranking.

6. Andrew – I really don’t like Andrew, something about him annoys me, but I find myself rooting for him for Talla. I know that if he wins HOH, Talla is safe and that makes me happy.

7. Jillian – Of course Jemmett (is that what they’re called? Gross.) is last on my list. If you remember my pre-season assessment of the houseguests, Jillian was my favorite. Jillian made 2 crucial errors this season to bring her right to the bottom. The first was her showmance with Emmett, who annoys me. Alot. The second was insulting Brenchel. I have 0 respect for anyone who disrespects Brenchel the way she did, and as Dan would say, she’s dead to me.

8. Emmett – Whether it’s his cockiness or disrespect, Emmett is my least favorite. Emmett crossed a line when he disrespected Suzette at the POV ceremony, and ever since, he has been my least favorite.

So that’s it, my favorite and least favorite houseguests. Who are your guy’s favorites? Least favorites? Comment below!

  • http://twitter.com/sbauer17 Shannon Bauer

    You should spell check before posting .. just saying :p and otherwise, totally respect your opinions. Although I don’t think Emmett disrespected Suzette at all by telling her she was guilt tripping people cus umm she was lol And also, not liking Jillian now because she is in a showmance with him just seems a lil jealous to me. (sorry not trying to be mean, just offering other opinions :p)